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Associate Professor's & Professor's

Sl No. Pic Faculty Name Designation Department Highest Qualification Mobile No Email Id
1 Dr. Birendra Kumar Choudhary Principal Sanskrit Ph.D 9931470706 principalbrb@gmail.com
2 Dr. Devendra Choudhary Associate Professor Commerce Ph.D 9430544208 dchoudhary.brb@gmail.com
3 Dr.Shashi Bhushan Kumar Shashi Associate Professor Hindi Ph.D 9905963177 pr.shashi777@rediffmail.com
4 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ranjan Assistant Professor Chemistry M.Sc 9835003091 ranjanbrb@gmail.com
5 Dr Sweety Kumari Assistant Professor Maithili Ph.D , NET 7979841229 sweetykrg84@gmail.com
6 Mr Hari Narayan Assistant Professor Philosophy M.A, NET 8299507423 harineelu1891@gmail.com
7 Dr Sunil Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor Psychology Ph.D, NET 9453276915 sunil.mishra894@gmail.com
8 Dr Bindhyachal Sah Assistant Professor Economics Ph.D, NET 9162824881 bindhyachalsah46659@gmail.com
9 Dr Ullas T Assistant Professor Geography Ph.D, NET 8262928131 ullaspkd@gmail.com
10 Dr Rajesh Kumar Mourya Assistant Professor Psychology Ph.D 8299348857 rkmlnmu@gmail.com
11 Dr Snehalata Kumari Assistant Professor Hindi Ph.D 9122634294 snehalataspj@gmail.com
12 Mrs Shabnam Kumari Assistant Professor Political Science M.A, NET 8250441661 manu_sab@rediffmail.com
13 Mr Vikas Kumar Patel Assistant Professor History M.A, NET 9718123627 vkp121990@gmail.com
14 Dr Mohammad Taiyab Assistant Professor Urdu Ph.D , NET 9208019384 taiyabjnu@gmail.com
15 Mr. Shakil Ahmad Assistant Professor Urdu M.Phil, NET 9693255139 shakilahmadjnu@gmail.com
16 Dr Priyanka Mishra Assistant Professor Hindi Ph.D 9999999999 brb@gmail.com
17 Mrs. Jyoti Prasad Assistant Professor Commerce M.Com , NET 9955963702 jyotiprsd17@gmail.com
18 Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor Commerce Ph.D 8210657066 anilguptadss1996@gmail.com
19 Dr. Deepak Bhardwaj Assistant Professor Psychology Ph.D, NET 9828112875 deepakbhardwaj32@gmail.com
20 Dr. Jitendra Mohan Guest Teacher Economics Ph.D 8210974596 jitendramohan997@gmail.com
21 Dr. Arti Kumari Guest Teacher English Ph.D 7488638146 artinitya1985@gmail.com
22 Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra Guest Teacher Psychology Ph.D, NET 8873103082 sarojkumarmishra60@gmail.com
23 Dr. Naresh Kumar Guest Teacher Physics Ph.D 9262630285 kumarnaresh61856@gmail.com
24 Prof.Ravindra Kumar Chaudhary Guest Teacher Sanskrit M.A, NET 9525893132 rkchaudhary61291@gmail.com
25 Dr.Meenakshi Das Guest Teacher Zoology Ph.D 9525363122 meenaxikrishna3@gmail.com
26 Dr. Mamta Kumari Guest Teacher History Ph.D 9931289715 drmamtakumari1@gmail.com
27 Dr.Brajesh Kumar Guest Teacher Chemistry Ph.D 7979888356 brajeshk22@gmail.com
28 Dr.Ashutosh Kumar Guest Teacher Physics Ph.D 7991169218 drakumarphy1988@gmail.com
29 Dr. Alok Kumar Guest Teacher Physics Ph.D 9122383646 vasudewaalok@gmail.com
30 Dr.Ram Vinay Thakur Guest Teacher Chemistry Ph.D 0840098951 ramvinaythakur30@gmail.com
31 Dr. Prabhat Kumar Guest Teacher Mathematics Ph.D 9430934296 prabhatmangala@gmail.com
32 Dr.Sanjay Kumar Suman Guest Teacher Mathematics Ph.D 9430648381 sanjayji1901@gmail.com
33 Dr.Pinki Kumari Guest Teacher English Ph.D 8409098401 pkumari07@gmail.com
34 Dr.Ashok Kumar Ranjan Guest Teacher Psychology Ph.D 9065220108 ashokkumarranjan108@gmail.com
35 Dr. Sandhya Kumari Guest Teacher Political Science Ph.D 7004129099 sandhyarinku22@gmail.com
36 Dr. Anil Kumar Guest Teacher Zoology Ph.D 9793115024 anilkrz503@gmail.com
37 Dr. Guriya Kumari Guest Teacher Geography Ph.D 7488991993 guriya26011991@gmail.com
38 Mrs. Ruchi Guest Teacher Commerce M.Com , NET 9693474408 smpruchi@gmail.com

Student Information System

This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital document and student report.

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